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Frequently Asked Questions

Before we get started let us say thank you and we will work with you anyway we can to make your experience pleasurable.
Are we a franchise?

No but we have programs to help you if you would like to build a rental program in your town. We actually consult on many different tourist related business around the country.

What kind of bikes do you rent?

We only rent single speed beach cruisers plus they hold up much better to get you there and back. Ebikes coming soon! We are blessed with a rather flat island, so no problem, mon.

Where do I make reservations?
Do I have to leave a deposit?

You will pay for your rentals online at the time of your reservation.

How old do I have to be?

Alabama state law requires that the responsible party age 19 or older may rent a bike unless accompanied by a parent or guardian, with that being said, we also want you to know that anyone 16 or under must wear a helmet. For the kiddies, we have trailers, as well as a variety of smaller bikes.

Pontoon boats require the guest to be at least 25 years old.

What should I bring?

Bug spray is good for evening rides, maybe a towel since there are plenty of places to take a quick dip, sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, and any snacks or drinks you might want. All our adult bikes come with a free basket so you can load it up.

Are there maps?

Yes, available online, CLICK HERE for MAPS

What areas should I avoid?

That’s one of the greatest parts of cruising Pleasure Island; we don’t have any areas you can’t feel safe in. We just ask you to stay on the trails out of sand, water or the woods. We want to protect our natural beauty for generations to come.


Tiki’s Bike Rentals Open 10am-6pm Daily!